Nicholas Braun developing a new TV show about a struggling band for HBO

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Nicholas Braun, the rising star of Succession, is collaborating with Chris Buongiorno for a new 30-minute HBO series about a band trying to make it big.

One for the Road will give a close-up and frank portrait of a band that barely functions, but nevertheless strives to survive the quickly changing landscape of the indie music scene of the early 2000s, Variety reports.

Braun and Buongiorno will executive produce the series, as well as co-penning the TV show.

HBO deciding to keep a talent like Braun on their payroll should be no surprise for Succession fans. Not only has the show itself earned a staggering 23 Emmy nominations, but Braun himself had earned one of those nods for his performance as Cousin Greg in 2020. The widely acclaimed actor has also appeared in movie roles lately, such as in the critically acclaimed Zola.

Buongiorno also has his name attached to some rather marquee-grabbing projects in recent years, most notably as an associate producer for Spider-Man: Far From Home and as a co-producer on Spider-Man: No Way Home. He got his start in the web-slinging franchise by being an assistant to director John Watts in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. Buongiorno has also written and directed a number of short films, including 127 Seconds, 100 Monkeys: Modern Times, and Emergency Broadcast.

Just like the first two seasons, the third season of Succession — which wrapped up back in December — is considered a strong contender for once again racking up many nominations this awards season.

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