Nicola Peltz Teases A Return To Bates Motel


For those of you who watch A&E’s excellent series Bates Motel, you were likely pretty disappointed when early on in season two, Nicola Peltz departed the show. Her character, Bradley Martin, fled town to start a new life after getting caught up in some pretty nasty stuff. Seeing as she didn’t die and simply just took off on a bus, fans were hopeful that Bradley would return to the town of White Pine Bay one day.

Though the actress is about to make her mark on the film world in a major way with the upcoming blockbuster Transformers: Age of Extinction, she doesn’t seem to be ruling out a possible return to the small screen. In a recent interview, we asked Peltz if we could expect to see Bradley Martin back on the show one day. While she didn’t give us a solid answer, she did hint that since her character isn’t dead, we might see her return at some point.

“I honestly know as much as you do. The third season was picked up though and I didn’t die, so hopefully.”

While it’s clear that Peltz would like to return, she unfortunately couldn’t confirm anything. It’s understandable, too, as her star is quickly rising and it’s likely that her immediate future will see her sticking to movie roles in order to further build her profile. Plus, after Transformers opens you can bet that she’ll be flooded with offers. Still, it’s nice to hear that a return isn’t being ruled out and that we might see the beautiful young actress back on the small screen one day.

Check out what Peltz had to say about a possible return in the clip below and let us know if you think we’ll ever see the actress back on Bates Motel at some point in the future.