How Last Night’s Episode Of Arrow Sets Up Crisis On Infinite Earths


The final Arrowverse episodes prior to “Crisis on Infinite Earths” aired last night in the form of Arrow and The Flash‘s midseason finales. Of the two, the former was probably a more important lead-in to the incoming Crisis. So let’s look at the ways that it finalized the pieces on the board before the multiversal event premieres this weekend.

Arrow 8×07, titled “Purgatory,” took the Green Arrow and his extended team back to Lian Yu, the island where his journey first began. Their mission was to complete the construction of a gun that will presumably play a key role in “Crisis.” It turned out to be locked in to someone’s DNA, though. Not Oliver Queen’s, but actually Lyla Michaels. Having got the gun, she then vanished through a portal.

As Team Arrow present and future then prepared to evacuate the island, Oliver took the time to say his goodbyes to his friends and family – seeing as he’s apparently fated to die battling the Anti-Monitor. He has his heart-to-hearts with Roy Harper, his son William and Diggle – including asking John to track down Felicity and tell her to bring up William and Mia together. Speaking of, last but not least, he and his daughter from the future finally connect and understand each other in a tearful farewell.

However, the moment is interrupted when the skies above Lian Yu turn red – and any DC fan knows what that means. Just then, Lyla returns, this time in her Harbinger outfit, warning that she’s “now a harbinger of things to come.” When Mia asks what that means, she clarifies: “The Crisis has begun.”

As well as Oliver, Mia and Harbinger are likewise set to play significant roles in the event, with Lian Yu also returning as a location in the third episode. And it all begins when “Crisis on Infinite Earths” kicks off this Sunday, December 8th with a Supergirl/Batwoman double-bill.