Will There Be A Ninth Season Of The Vampire Diaries?

The Vampire Diaries cast

When it comes to Vampire-inspired television series, The Vampire Diaries sits at the top. The long-running series gave fans a look into the lives of vampire brothers Stefan and Damon and their common love interest in the human girl Elena.

The show has run for eight seasons with the most recent concluding in 2017. Even four years on from new episodes, the show continues to top charts and remains one of the most-watched drama series in 2021 as fans continue to hope for more.

Earlier in 2021, the internet began to circulate a rumor that the show would return for a ninth season in March of 2021, but as we pass this date it isn’t clear what the show’s status is. Here’s everything we know about a potential season nine.

When will Vampire Diaries season nine be released?

Right now, there is no confirmation that the show will ever get a ninth season, but a positive note for fans is that it hasn’t officially been canceled. While there have been rumors of the show making its return this year, it doesn’t look likely and, according to some of its biggest stars, a return doesn’t garner much interest.

During a recent interview Ian Somerhalder, the actor who portrays Damon, shared that he was not interested in returning to the role, a sentiment that fellow co-star Nina Dobrev has expressed in the past.

Fortunately for fans, season eight’s conclusion saw the show round off on a happy note—so to bring it back years later may do more harm to the story than good. Outside of a surprise announcement, it looks like the story of Vampire Diaries will be laid to rest.

Fans scouring the web for any news of a potential return should be cautious outside of an official announcement from The CW itself.