Odette Annable No Longer A Series Regular On Supergirl


To say that last night’s Supergirl finale marked a time for change is an understatement. I mean, not only did James Olsen reveal to the public that he’s the hero known as Guardian, but we also learned why Jesse Rath will be a series regular next season and Jeremy Jordan will be on in a more limited capacity. Basically, they swapped places, with Brainiac 5 remaining in the present and Winn taking his spot within the Legion of Super-Heroes in the future.

As such, Mon-El will be returning to the 31st century, thereby providing actor Chris Woods his exit from the series. And if that weren’t enough, Odette Annable also won’t be a regular come October!

After discussing how the Superman: Red Son comic book will lend influence to season 4 with TV Line, the outlet asked executive producer Robert Rovner if we’ve seen the last of Sam and Ruby following the revelation that Annable isn’t expected to stick around:

“We hope not. We love Odette. She was amazing in this dual role, playing different characters. We fell in love with her as Sam and we were terrified of her as Reign. If it works out, we’d love to have her back for a few episodes next season.”

To be honest, there’s not much reason for the Sam character to be around now that she’s no longer joined to Reign and the villainous persona has been vanquished, but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to give her an epilogue of sorts if Odette is available to do so.

When asked why Sam was left alive and Alex didn’t adopt Ruby (thus making the new DEO director’s season-long personal journey fall flat), executive producer Jessica Queller answered as follows:

“We discussed all options, but we really felt like we wanted a heartwarming ending after all the trauma we put everyone through. We didn’t want to separate Ruby from her mother. The world is experiencing enough trauma, we wanted to have a happy ending for the little girl.”

Supergirl returns for its fourth season on Sunday nights this fall on The CW, so we’ll have to wait and see if there’s anything involving Sam once the saga resumes.

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