On HBO, This Animated Hidden Gem Is More Popular Than Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David's face with a blurred gen:LOCK poster
Image via HBO Max. Remix by Ana Valens

Larry David’s sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm may be one of HBO Max’s biggest attractions, but there’s an adult animation series that’s beating the classic comedy on the streaming service this month. And for some HBO subscribers, the name may take them by total surprise.

Rooster Teeth’s animated 3D mecha series gen:LOCK is HBO Max’s fourth most popular show in the U.S. this week, holding steady over Insecure, Head of the Class, Doom Patrol, and The Jamie Foxx Show, among other top-10 contenders. Curb Your Enthusiasm, meanwhile, rounds out the top 10 list at the very bottom.

While gen:LOCK doesn’t quite beat comedic drama Succession, which leads HBO’s TV show listings in the U.S., the animated series’ fourth-place lead remains stable for at least seven days straight.

The news comes from FlixPatrol, a popular website that tracks global data on streaming services’ most popular TV shows and films.

Premiering in late 2018, gen:LOCK follows several elite young pilots who can control powerful mechas, called Holons, with their minds. Like Rooster Teeth’s popular 3D action series RWBY, gen:LOCK’s art style is highly reminiscent of Japanese anime. The show features Michael B. Jordan in the lead role as Julian Chase, a Holon pilot who hails from Brooklyn.

As for gen:LOCK’s recent popularity, season two just began premiering on HBO Max on Nov. 4. Two episodes are currently available, with more premiering on Thursdays. Season one featured eight episodes in total. While it’s unclear whether Curb Your Enthusiasm will catch up, HBO fans should expect gen:LOCK to keep leading in the top 10 list as season two continues.