One small change may have hinted at more ‘Moon Knight’

Moon Knight
Image via Marvel

A recent Twitter post by Marvel Studios may be hinting at more Moon Knight episodes to come after tomorrow’s sixth and final installment.

As pointed out by numerous eagle-eyed fans online, Marvel Studios referred to the next episode of Moon Knight as a season finale rather than a series finale, which it had been called in a post just minutes earlier, while the initial post has since been removed to pour more fuel onto the speculative fire.

This would suggest that MCU supporters will be getting a second season of the show in the future, which would make the show one of few limited series to receive a sophomore run after the initial release.

While Moon Knight hasn’t had a second season confirmed yet, it wouldn’t be a huge stretch to expect that it’ll receive one. Previously, Loki was intended to be limited, but due to its success, Tom Hiddleston’s solo show has since been renewed.

Other Disney Plus exclusives from Marvel have remained true to the limited series format, such as WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier — though the story of the former will factor greatly in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Moon Knight is undeniably one of the most popular Disney Plus efforts to date, and with a rich comic history to pull from, not to mention the seeds being planted throughout the already released episodes. a second season would be the perfect way to please fans.

Moon Knight’s season finale will air on Disney Plus on Wednesday, May 4.