One Tree Hill Drama Queens Take Glamour Friendship Test

If you ever dreamed of attending Tree Hill High School and shooting ball down at the river court or cheering on the Ravens on a Friday night, you’re not alone. One Tree Hill was one of the most iconic series in the 2000s, and there are several reasons behind that. 

The show focused on issues and relationships between high schoolers and the adults within the friendship and frenemies circles. The series wasn’t scared to touch on subjects that genuinely impacted people, from love triangles and love stories to emotional sacrifices and high schoolers growing up in a world they never expected to marriages, divorces, and untimely deaths.

One of the greatest love stories to come out of One Tree Hill was the friendship between Peyton, Brooke, and Haley, played by Hilarie Burtin-Morgan, Sophia Bush, and Bethany Joy Lenz, respectively. 

The girls had the odds stacked against them and have spoken out about some of the mistreatment they endured on set, but they didn’t let that ruin the experience of being in the place to create beautiful and lasting friendships. They’ve been there to support one another as their lives and careers have changed over the years and it’s a beautiful thing to see.

While the three have remained friends over the years, they recently started an exciting project together — a podcast dedicated to a rewatch of the entire series. It’s a cathartic experience for the “Drama Queens” — as the podcast is titled, and for listeners alike.

So when Glamour Magazine invited the trio to take the friendship test, they jumped at the experience.

From quick response questions like who gets hangry fastest and who gives the best advice to moments of vulnerable affection shared between the group in pairs, the interview was everything fans of the series, and the Drama Queens could have hoped for.

As they all shared, it’s often hard to be vulnerable in friendship settings, and most of us don’t share truly open moments of compassion with those we love — although we should. It’s easy to keep a guard up, but seeing that connection between them inspired us to be more open, too.

You can see more from the Drama Queens on their Instagram channel and listen to their podcast, which airs new episodes on Mondays, and of course — you can watch old episodes of One Tree Hill to relive all the moments alongside them.