Online Streaming Service Expresses Interest In Resurrecting Constantine


It is certainly no secret that a vocal, dedicated portion of the Constantine fanbase will do anything short of a dark incantation to see the show return to airwaves. Many raised their fists and screamed at the sky when NBC cancelled the DC Entertainment supernatural thriller after only thirteen episodes and ending it on a cliffhanger, no less.

Fans of the Exorcist/Demonologist/Master of the Dark Arts were recently able to get their fix though when the character made a memorable guest appearance on Arrow and when the El Rey Network decided to re-run all thirteen episodes of the ill-fated show.

Also of recent note is the petition letter that is trying to grab the attention of The CW, among other television networks and online streaming services, which is rapidly closing in on its goal of 75,000 signatures. Thanks to said petition, things just got more interesting.

DC Comics News has learned from an anonymous source close to the petition that online streaming service TVtibi is interested in reviving the show and is in talks with Warner Bros. about doing that very thing. It seems the campaign for the show’s revival caught their interest and they see the potential it has. Acquiring Constantine would be a massive boon for them as they seek to elevate their status in the online streaming television market.

There is, however, a bit of a roadblock: they need a co-producer. If they are able to gain one, they reportedly want to show that Constantine is viable for crossovers with shows that exist in what the online community has dubbed the “Arrow-verse.” Considering that DC shows that are currently running on The CW are unable to crossover with CBS’ Supergirl, and CBS owns half of The CW, mind you, crossing over with a show on a streaming service would be nothing short of a miracle.

TVtibi has since taken to Facebook this week announcing that some form of negotiations to revive Constantine are about to take please. For now, though, we can only keep our fingers crossed.

We’re taking a hard look at Constantine. Hoping to get through the labyrinth of rights negotiations to see if we can…

Posted by TVtibi on Tuesday, December 1, 2015