The Originals Alum Elyse Levesque Joins Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2

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The midseason finale of Legends of Tomorrow wrapped up with the Legion of Doom setting out to find the Spear of Destiny so they can rewrite history to their liking. Of course, they’ll need Rip Hunter to do that, but some new casting for The CW series reveals another location that we can expect our time travelling heroes to visit when the show returns next year.

According to EW, The Originals alum Elyse Levesque will guest star in Legends of Tomorrow as Guinevere from the legends of King Arthur. No further information about her character has been revealed, but the Legends paying a visit to the days of the Knights of the Roundtable promises to be a lot of fun, and may very well delve into some unexpected DC Comics mythology.

When Legends of Tomorrow does return, it’ll be in a new timeslot on Tuesday nights after The Flash. While four solid nights of DC TV has been fun, the network is clearly hoping that pairing these shows up will help give the time travelling series a much needed ratings boost. We’ll have to wait and see if that turns out to be the case, but let us know your thoughts on this Legends of Tomorrow casting news in the comments section down below.