OWN Releases Teaser Trailer For Lindsay Finale



Lindsay Lohan has been the source of international headlines for years now thanks to her tumultuous struggles with drugs and alcohol, and Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network is capitalizing on it all with an eight-part reality series titled Lindsay. It follows Lohan’s struggles to complete rehab and reignite her acting career in the process. To kick off the show, OWN aired a one-on-one interview between the child star and Oprah as part of Oprah’s Next Chapter.

Unfortunately, Lindsay (both the show and the individual) has taken some severe criticism recently as reports continue to circulate that the starlet is no longer working the healthy angle she muses in the reality show and has returned to her former ways. OWN has already aired the first six parts of this train wreck (err, informative documentary) and is wrapping things up rather quickly as ratings continue to plummet ever since the lukewarm premiere last month. In addition, as ratings dropped, advertisers have steadily pulled out.

Although Lindsay Lohan has garnered a lot of media attention over the years, it would be nice if she actually did something worthwhile. Oprah is largely known for her pet projects, but at this point, even she has cut professional ties with Lohan. OWN officially announced that Lindsay will not be returning for another season with the network, despite earlier speculation. So much for a comeback.

The two-part conclusion to the series is set to air on the OWN network Sunday, April 20th. Will you be tuning in to see what Lindsay Lohan does next?