Ozymandias Blows Out His Birthday Cake In New Watchmen Promo


We’ve known for a while now that HBO’s Watchmen isn’t just going to be a slavish Zack Snyder-style retelling of the original. In fact, given what we’ve seen from set leaks and whatnot, it’s looking like it may actually be a semi-sequel to the comic, presumably following up on the impact of Ozymandius’ genocidal plan to bring about world peace. However things turn out, though, this latest bit of footage – taken from HBO’s recently released reel that shows off all their 2019 projects – depicts a world that looks pretty different from the one we saw in Snyder’s film.

There’s not much on display here, as like we said above, the reel’s dedicated to a number of titles, but we do get a few intriguing shots to pore over. For one, there’s Regina King’s character looking at something in the distance, while we also see Ozymandias (Jeremy Irons) sitting at a table with a birthday cake. Finally, there’s a mysterious hooded figure walking through a parking garage.

Of course, none of it makes much sense – and we wouldn’t expect it to – but it’s nice to finally get some more footage from what’s undoubtedly one of 2019’s most anticipated shows. Even if we still don’t have a clear idea of what’s in store for us.


As for what to expect in terms of plot, well, HBO’s adaptation will be trying to separate itself from Snyder’s 2009 effort, which attempted to translate every event from the comic to the screen. This version, meanwhile, will be more of an update of the story for the modern era. Yeah, we know that’s pretty vague, but again, the network’s been keeping awfully quiet on their plans here and we don’t expect to really get much more in the way of marketing aside from cryptic teases like the one above.

Regardless, if showrunner Damon Lindelof can get under the skin of what makes the 21st century tick with this new adaptation, then Watchmen could very well receive a whole new lease of life as a political statement.

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