Parks And Recreation Season 4-04 ‘Pawnee Rangers’ Recap

This week on Parks and Recreation, it's the Pawnee Rangers vs. the Pawnee Goddesses camping weekend. That's right, battle of the cub scouts. Naturally, Ron (Nick Offerman) is in charge of the male-dominated Rangers. In fact, their handbook only has one rule: be a man. Andy (Chris Pratt) is tagging along as Mother Nature's brother... Brother Nature. Nice.

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This week on Parks and Recreation, it’s the Pawnee Rangers vs. the Pawnee Goddesses camping weekend. That’s right, battle of the cub scouts. Naturally, Ron (Nick Offerman) is in charge of the male-dominated Rangers. In fact, their handbook only has one rule: be a man. Andy (Chris Pratt) is tagging along as Mother Nature’s brother… Brother Nature. Nice.

Leslie (Amy Poehler) formed the Goddesses five years ago when girls started complaining that they weren’t allowed to join the Rangers. Thus, the greatest club in Pawnee was born, at least according to Leslie. Ann (Rashida Jones) and April (Aubrey Plaza) are Leslie’s co-leaders, although Leslie treats Ann like an 8-year-old, which is awesome.

Meanwhile, Donna (Retta Sirleaf) and Tom (Aziz Ansari) are celebrating their annual “Treat Yo Self” day. Basically, they go to the spa and the Eagleton mall and buy whatever they want. And they sing a lot of R&B. Donna decides to invite Ben (Adam Scott) who’s been really down lately. Poor guy feels like he doesn’t have anything left in Pawnee after his breakup with Leslie.

The Pawnee Goddesses really is the best club ever. They cook Korean food by the fire, have pillow fight competitions and stay in a gorgeous cabin. A few of the Rangers seem to have figured this out. They’re not huge fans of Ron’s ideas of fun, which include eating lukewarm beans and making tents out of canvas sheets and cardboard boxes. Leslie is delighted when one Ranger sneaks away from Ron and asks if he can be a Goddess.

But Leslie realizes she’s taught her girls too well. She doesn’t want any boys in the club, but her army of little Leslies don’t think that’s fair. They decide to hold a public forum.

Back at the office, Jerry (Jim O’Hair) asks Chris (Rob Lowe) if he’d like to go out to lunch with him and his daughter. Obviously Chris declines, it’s Jerry after all. That’s before he realizes his daughter Millicent is a smoking hot charity runner who also loves using the word literally. Chris is extremely enamored, and is willing to spend the next two to four days with Jerry winning his permission to date her. Luckily, Jerry says that won’t be necessary.

Ben is not having a good time treating himself. Acupuncture just makes him stressed and all he buys at the mall is a pack of socks. Tom and Donna realize they just aren’t treating him to the right stuff, so they take Ben to a store where he buys a full Batman suit. And promptly starts crying. It’s a little awkward, but Tom and Donna remind him he really does have people who care about him in Pawnee. Awww.

Back at the public forum, the Goddesses win over the Rangers for good when Leslie announces they’re having a puppy party, complete with live puppies. Every single Ranger, including Andy, decides to join. Leslie is overjoyed until she sees Ron by the fire all alone.

Ron is pretty bummed. When did kids get so interested in fun? He finishes up the rest of the trip alone, putting a damper on an otherwise idyllic camping trip.

Chris has a wonderful date with Millicent and he wants to make sure Jerry has full details of the relationship. Jerry tries to stop him, but not until Chris reveals she spent the night at his house. Uhhh, not sure if that was a good move.

Ron goes back to work on Monday only to find a bunch of kids in his office. They’re here for the Swanson club. Looks like Leslie put an ad in the paper for the most hardcore nature club ever. In one of his more heartwarming moments, Ron assigns his scouts to their first mission – building a proper trench. Sounds like no fun at all.

This was yet another great episode of Parks and Rec. I literally never have anything bad to say about this show. Ron and Leslie’s dynamic was adorable and hilarious as usual, but I still couldn’t get enough of them. The Goddesses’ is like everyone’s dream girl scout experience, and they officially have the world’s most awesome pledge.

It was also nice to see Jerry and Donna for once, I thought they were never going to show up. Figures Jerry would have a hot daughter. And can we please make “Treat Yo Self Day” an actual thing? I want to go shopping with Tom, his outfits are always so fly. One thing I really miss is Ben and Leslie’s relationship but it was nice to see him finally grieve over it. When are they going to get back together?

Let us know what you thought of this week’s episode in the comments.

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