Parks And Recreation Episode 4-07 ‘The Treaty’ Recap


At least when I was in high school, Model United Nations was not a cool club to be in. This seems to be true in Pawnee as well, but not if Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) can do anything about it. She and Ben (Adam Scott) are on a mission to make this year’s Model UN debate a success. Obviously, things don’t go as planned.

Ben gets pretty irritated that Leslie is constantly being dragged away by politicians, and it seems like he can’t ignore his feelings for her (yes!). Ben tells her they can’t be friends and things get heated quickly. Unsurprisingly, they end up crashing and burning the competition, but on the bright side, the beautifully clueless Andy (Chris Pratt) traded all of his countries resources for lions.

Ron (Nick Offerman) is trying to get Tom (Aziz Ansari) to take his job back after he saw him working as a cologne spritzer at Macy’s. He sets up a series of awful interviews with creepy candidates and has Tom sit in on them, but Tom just cannot get over himself and admit defeat.

Meanwhile Chris (Rob Lowe) is trying to figure out why Jerry’s daughter Millicent won’t call him back. Being Chris, he decides to hold a conference with Ann (Rashida Jones) a very uncomfortable Jerry (Jim O’Heir) and Donna (Retta Sirleaf). They finally come to the obvious conclusion that Chris needs to back off, and let Millicent be her own person.

This was a decent episode of Parks and Recreation. I do wish the writers would just give in to the drama and give Scott and Poehler some steamier scenes. Or at least make their characters admit they still have feelings for each other. I know one of these days one of them is going to crack! They’re too perfect for each other and it hurts!

Despite that, I do continue to love this cast’s dynamic. They recall old jokes seamlessly and play off each other perfectly. Some of my favorite moments include Ann’s hatred of jogging and April’s (Aubrey Plaza) Model UN role as the moon. The high schoolers in the supporting cast made a great addition, especially France. The contrast between them and the adults showed just how immature Ben and Leslie are. In an adorable way, though.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Parks and Recreation? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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