Parks And Recreation Season 4-08 ‘Smallest Park’ Recap

Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ben (Adam Scott) are in the process of creating Indiana’s smallest park! It’s gonna be great, because there are literally no possible negatives. However, Ben is still torn up about being around Leslie, and announces that after they finish the project, he’s leaving the Parks Department. Leslie, ever the rational one, decides she needs to get the town riled up and extend the project as long as possible.

In doing this, she really upsets Ben, who opens the park himself and tells Chris (Rob Lowe) they will no longer be working together. With some help from Ann (Rashida Jones), Leslie realizes she needs to stop being such a steamroller, and formally apologizes to Ben, telling him they never have to see each other again if he doesn’t want to.

Oh, but he wants to. Needless to say… there is kissing, and it is awesome.

Tom (Aziz Ansari), Donna (Retta) and Jerry (Jim O’Heir) are in charge of choosing a new font for the Parks Department’s logo, because Chris wants to revitalize the branch. Jerry likes comic sans. He would. Tom wants to expand on way more than a font, deciding to turn the Parks department into an Apple store and make a park ranger reality show, that is, until Jerry puts him in his place. Weirdly enough, Jerry inspires Tom to make vintage-style Parks merchandise, and Chris is beyond impressed. Aww.

Andy (Chris Pratt) is going to take a few classes at community college to “better himself,” which is adorable. April (Aubrey Plaza) wants him to take the easy way out and take classes in things he’s already good at, but Ron (Nick Offerman), being the best papa bear ever, wants him to challenge himself. Andy finally decides on Women’s Studies by picking it at random, which is even more adorable, at least until he realizes he doesn’t have the money to take the class. As if Ron couldn’t get more fatherly, he offers Andy a Ron Swanson scholarship.

I couldn’t be happier with this episode of Parks and Recreation. Poehler and Scott have such great chemistry together that it’s such a relief to finally see them back together, although I’m sure they still have obstacles to overcome.

I didn’t really care about the Tom/Jerry storyline, but Andy starting college completely made up for that. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so happy with a subplot. Offerman has some great lines and he along with Pratt and Plaza have such an adorable family dynamic going on.

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