Patricia Clarkson Heads Back To HBO For Elisabeth

PATRICIA clarkson

Those of us that bang the drum for more film and television work originated by women can enjoy a small victory dance today, as it seems the creative partnership between actress Patricia Clarkson and director Ruba Nadda will continue with the development of an hour-long romantic drama, titled Elisabeth. While details of the premise are currently sketchy, it seems the show will be set amidst the world of international politics, which means we can look forward to the fabulous and talented Clarkson holding court in a realm we have never really seen her tackle before.

The Clarkson-Nadda team has previously delivered two feature films. The first – 2009’s Cairo Time – featured Clarkson opposite Alexander Siddig in a tale of unexpected romance, and won the Best Canadian Feature Film award at the Toronto International Film Festival. The second – October Gale – features Clarkson as a doctor living on a remote island, caught in a deadly situation when a man washes ashore with a gunshot wound. That film also stars Scott Speedman and Tim Roth, and is about to premiere at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

There is, therefore, no time like the present for HBO to begin developing Elisabeth – which will boast a script written by Nadda, who will also direct the pilot and executive produce. Joining her in executive production duties will be her star, Clarkson, and HBO veteran Alan Poul. HBO’s The Newsroom and Six Feet Under both benefitted from Poul’s expertise – the latter also having featured Clarkson in a stunning supporting role.

Though we have much news to wait for regarding Elisabeth, it certainly sounds like a project to look out for. As we continue moving toward a TV landscape that more prominently features female creators, as well as a wider variety of strong female leads, audiences can look forward to TV schedules of greater interest in the future.

Source: Deadline