Patrick Stewart Reveals Gorgeous New Star Trek: Picard Poster


While the hype and anticipation surrounding Star Wars are slowly building ahead of the December release of The Rise of Skywalker, there’s another futuristic space series that sci-fi junkies can’t wait to see for themselves. Set to premiere later this year on CBS All Access, Star Trek: Picard brings back one of the franchise’s most beloved characters, with veteran actor Patrick Stewart returning to reprise his iconic role.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about this new series, but fresh info and announcements have been trickling out at a steady rate. Just a few weeks ago, we found out that Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon would be taking on the role of showrunner. As for returning cast members, we heard a questionable rumor that Brent Spiner could reprise his role as Data, and while some have speculated Jonathan Frakes would come back as Riker, it’s been confirmed he’ll only be directing a couple of episodes.

While CBS already released a teaser trailer back in May (which you can view above), there hasn’t been much in the way of promo material. That changed earlier today though when Patrick Stewart took to Twitter to share a brand new poster for Star Trek: Picard. 

In this new image, Jean-Luc can be seen on (what we assume to be) his family vineyard, with the sun basking the entire landscape in a soft glow. Interestingly, right next to the retired captain, a dog wearing a collar and a classic Starfleet badge can be spotted. We already know Picard will be grappling with the destruction of Romulus, and as such, some have speculated that his canine companion could be a way of coping with his troubles.

Needless to say, we’re very interested to learn more about the new direction the series seems to be taking, and it looks like the Enterprise captain we’ve come to love and respect has changed over the past few decades. No doubt, we’ll find out more during San Diego Comic-Con, so keep your eyes on WGTC for further updates.