Paul Blackthorne Teases His “Beautiful Exit” From Arrow


When any TV show lasts as long as Arrow has, it’s only expected that certain members of the principal cast leave at some point. For instance, even Michael Rosenbaum ducked out of Smallville after seven seasons, though he did reprise his role as Lex Luthor in the series finale.

Getting back to Arrow, it appears as though this particular show is going through a time of change. Already, we know to expect a new showrunner next season in the form of Beth Schwartz, with Willa Holland conversely making her exit from the series as Thea Queen.

Well, unfortunately, someone else who’s been around since the very beginning will also be headed for the door at the end of the current season, that being Paul Blackthorne. Having played Quentin Lance for six years, Blackthorne has been a constant, with his character enjoying his share of ups and downs with Oliver Queen.

Understandably, the producers are holding their cards close to the vest regarding how this will go down, but Blackthorne had the following to say to TV Line about his “interesting exit”:

“It’s a beautiful exit, actually. A very nice exit, as exits go!”

Naturally, many of us assume that Quentin will meet his demise at the hands of Ricardo Diaz, but Blackthorne’s words could lead some to believe otherwise. What’s more is that his not-daughter in Black Siren (Earth-2’s Laurel Lance) is also mixed up in this, another topic the outgoing actor commented on:

“All those scenes with Katie [Cassidy], it was a lot of fun. We’ve had six years of playing all that stuff, and it’s been a real, real treat. It’s a shame to see that go, but it’s wonderful to be in this new place now.”

Having read that, I imagine it must be very difficult for him to move on, but many actors have the desire to explore other projects after playing the same character for so long. In fact, he’s already found his next home in the form of The InBetween, which’ll premiere on NBC next season.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Blackthorne’s Star City swan song when Arrow‘s season finale airs this Thursday night on The CW.

Source: TV Line