‘Peacemaker’ fans are blown away by DC show’s insane finale

Image via HBO

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the Peacemaker finale.

The season finale of Peacemaker dropped on HBO Max today, and fans are in shock over how good it is. The Suicide Squad spinoff show has gone from being a head-scratching concept — the first-ever DCEU series is based on a D-list superhero? Really? — to a critically acclaimed, internet-breaking must-see event watch. Thankfully, this Thursday’s eighth episode managed to stick the landing and conclude the first run of episodes on a high.

In 1×08 “It’s Cow or Never”, John Cena’s Christopher Smith — the world’s most violent pacifist — and his team of Task Force X allies made one last stand against the alien butterflies that were threatening to take over the planet. Though it sported a simple “attack the villains’ base” plot, the episode packed in a lot of emotional beats, humor, action, and shocking cameos. And fans can’t get enough of it, with many praising it as one of the best comic book TV episodes they’ve ever seen.

Spoilers incoming!

Let the Marvel vs DC battle commence.

Like Rick Flag once said…

Anyone who’s seen the finale knows exactly what moment this fan is reacting to…

Yup, in a truly mind-blowing scene, the actual freakin’ Justice League turned up, with Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller reprising their roles as Aquaman and the Flash. It was the icing on the cake of a great finale.

James Gunn, healer of the DCEU.

A phenomenal end to a phenomenal season.

The best thing is that this episode isn’t it for the show as HBO Max just confirmed yesterday that Peacemaker will return for a second season, with Cena returning to star and James Gunn once again writing and directing. Plus, going by how the whole team survived to save the world another day, we can presumably expect the entire main cast to be back next year too.

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