James Gunn announces ‘Peacemaker’ finale watch party with live Q&A

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Peacemaker episode eight.

Snag a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, cue up “Do Ya Wanna Taste It” on repeat, and clear your belly — and head — of any butterflies, because it’s time to watch (or rewatch) the finale of Peacemaker with the show’s creator himself, James Gunn.

The same Gunn that set the DC Extended Universe ablaze with the just-concluded season one of Peacemaker will be live on Twitter to answer fans’ questions, curiosities, and theories on the not-so-peaceful series that just concluded — and has already been renewed for season two.

From John Cena’s portrayal of the killer with a heart to match his muscles, to the final scene featuring Jason Momoa basking in Peacemaker vernacular by dropping an unexpected F-bomb, Gunn will start the Q&A livestream on Feb. 18 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT while having a ‘#PeacemakerParty’ viewing of episode eight, titled “It’s Cow or Never.”

Spoilers to be found after the jump.

Let’s refresh — near the start of the episode, Dannielle Brooks’ Leota Adebayo asks Peacemaker about his myriad helmets, and it leads to an otherwise throwaway exchange that is worth revisiting after the final scene.

She asks about the helmets, “Hey Peacemaker, what do these do?”

“This is Underwater World, allows you to breathe underwater,” he answers about one helmet.

That answer about the first helmet is a lot more interesting now after the Aquaman reveal in the final scene.

Well, now that seems it could be a like a question for Mr. Gunn, doesn’t it? How could he use that? Will Peacemaker don the Underwater World helmet for an upcoming adventure with Aquaman?

Image via HBO Max

The Suicide Squad spinoff drastically changed what fans thought was possible from a DCEU series, and has set the stage for larger-than-Cena-biceps expectations going forward.

Already, people are in a frenzy over the final scene which revealed stunning cameos from Aquaman, Superman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman all arriving a wee bit late to help save the day.

The cameos could lay groundwork for future Justice League and/or Suicide Squad intertwined storylines, and draws forth questions (get yours ready!) about the recently-announced season two of Peacemaker.

Will Eagly be visiting the Batcave someday? Was the throwaway line about Peacemaker’s helmet that lets him breathe underwater actually an Easter egg of a crossover event to come? After all, in hindsight, it did.in a way, foreshadow Aquaman’s appearance.

You can find season one — including the finale — of Peacemaker currently streaming on HBO Max.