Peaky Blinders Creator Confirms The Movie Shoots In 2023

Image via the BBC

Thanks to Netflix, Peaky Blinders has ascended from relatively unassuming origins on British network television to become one of the most popular shows on the platform since the streamer secured the distribution rights to the period-set crime thriller, which in turn introduced a whole new legion of fans to the Shelby family.

Plenty of big names have made guest appearances over the years including Sam Neill, Paddy Considine, Adrien Brody, Anya Taylor-Joy and Tom Hardy, with the core cast headlined by Cillian Murphy never anything less than sensational in their roles.

Creator Steven Knight was always adamant that Peaky Blinders would run for seven seasons and end with the beginning of World War II, so it came as a shock to fans when it was announced that the upcoming sixth run of episodes would be the last. However, that was offset by the news that a movie would bring the sprawling saga to a close, and the show’s creator has revealed via Variety he’s planning a 2023 shoot.

“And then I am going to write the feature which will be set in and shot in Birmingham. And that will probably be the sort of the end of the road for Peaky Blinders as we know it.”

peaky blinders

Knight did go on to tease spinoffs without actually using the word, but it remains to be seen if the appeal would still be there without the Shelby clan driving the narrative. Season 6 of Peaky Blinders is tentatively scheduled to air next spring, in what’s going to be a bittersweet yet hopefully fitting sendoff for the series.