Peter Capaldi Will Return For Another Season of Doctor Who


Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter during an event celebrating the release of Doctor Who‘s Season 8 DVD/Blu-ray, Moffat confirmed what I think most of us knew already: that Peter Capaldi will remain the Doctor for at least another season. When it comes to the fate of the Doctor’s current companion Clara Oswald, however, things are less certain. Actress Jenna Coleman is not yet confirmed to come back, and there have been rumors that she plans to leave after this year’s Christmas special.

Plenty went on at the DVD/Blu-ray launch, however, including the revelation from Capaldi that he was actually approached to audition for the Doctor in 1996, a role that eventually went to Paul McGann. Capaldi admitted that he did not audition because he was afraid of being turned down.

Meanwhile, the ratings for Doctor Who continue to be a slight point of contention. The first ten episodes of this new Doctor Who gained a 23% hike in American ratings, with the season premiere garnering the highest ratings ever for a premiere on BBC America. In the U.K., things are slightly less clear, with Moffat claiming that there has been no ratings drop in the UK compared with the previous season when you include delayed viewing. In any case, the show seems to be a steady success on both sides of the Atlantic.

We shall have to wait and see what the future for Doctor Who holds, but as of right now, things look quite rosy. Whether Jenna Coleman will sign on for another season, or a new companion will added to the mix, remains to be seen.

As always, we’ll keep you posted when we hear more.