First Look Photos From Arrow Season 4, Episode 11 Released


The first official images have been released from this week’s episode of Arrow, and they put the spotlight mostly on fan-favourite character Diggle and the complicated relationship he has with his brother. Based on what we see here, that’s about to get even worse, especially now that he’s under the “care” of Amanda Waller and A.R.G.U.S. rather than Team Arrow.

For further details, here’s the official synopsis for the episode – which is titled A.W.O.L. – courtesy of The CW:

Diggle (David Ramsey) must learn to trust his brother Andy (guest star Eugene Byrd) when an enemy of their wartime past, an agent of the criminal organization Shadowspire, pays a visit to Star City. However, Diggle learns more than he bargained for about their shared time at war. Meanwhile, Oliver (Stephen Amell) has to learn a whole new way of life. Charlotte Brandstrom directed the episode written by Brian Ford Sullivan & Emilio Ortega Aldrich.

Shadowspire is the same organization that Oliver Queen is working for in this year’s flashbacks, so seeing how the events of the present day ties into that and the overall narrative with H.I.V.E. should be pretty interesting.

I think that we can all agree that so far, season four of Arrow is really making up for the mistakes the show made last year, and we’re hopeful that this instalment will keep up the momentum and deliver another exciting outing for fans.

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