How To Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender Sequel The Legend Of Korra Online

The Legend of Korra

In just a short week, Avatar: The Last Airbender became the most watched bit of content in Netflix’s entire digital library. The highly binge-able animated series, which first aired on Nickelodeon in the mid-2000s, is sure to leave viewers hungry for more – but what to do about that hunger?

Fortunately, series creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko followed up their masterpiece with an equally impressive sequel. Unfortunately, however, that sequel – aptly titled The Legend of Korra – is not available on Netflix at the moment.

While fans strongly suspect that the streamer will distribute the show ahead of releasing its planned reboot of the original story, those who feel that they can’t wait will be glad to know that Korra’s adventure awaits on other streaming platforms.

Long story short, The Legend of Korra is currently available on Amazon Prime, YouTube and Google Play. As far as Jeff Bezos’ domain is concerned, Prime subscribers can watch the show for free, while non-members must pay a small fee fixed at about $10 per season, or $2 per episode.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

In case you’ve recently been introduced to Avatar for the first time, Legend of Korra follows Korra, the next reincarnation of the Avatar, a messianic figure endowed with the ability to control all four elements – fire, water, earth, air – at once.

While this means that Aang, the previous Avatar, and protagonist of The Last Airbender, has died by the time  The Legend of Korra begins, he, along with many of his companions, still play an important part in the story.

Although the sequel was a lot less popular than the original, it’s a worthy successor which perfectly balances the obligation to pay homage to its frontrunner with the need to explore new themes and reinvent itself, and therefore is certainly worth the watch.