A Plan Comes Together In This Clip From The Next Episode Of The Walking Dead


AMC’s The Walking Dead won’t be back on our screens with a new episode until February, but last night’s midseason finale left us with a lot to chew on (no pun intended) until then.

Though Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan ensured that fans had their weekly dose of bloody brutality thanks to a grisly disembowelment (see ya Spence), the extended installment actually ended on a positive note, as Rick and co. arrived to see Maggie at the Hilltop Colony to find that Daryl had escaped from the Saviors’ compound. Emotional bro-hugs and smiles all ’round followed, as the group resigned themselves to the fact that it was time to strike back against Negan and his men.

The above sneak peak from the next episode takes place directly after this moment, and sees the gang beginning to formulate a plan to take out the Saviors, who have the numbers advantage along with superior firepower. Rick suggests returning to Alexandria before Negan arrives looking for Daryl, which is when Jesus chimes in and tells his friends that it’s time they met King Ezekiel. This is obviously the catalyst that brings Alexandria, The Kingdom, The Hilltop and possibly even Oceanside together to combine their forces in the inevitable war to come, and we can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday February 12, 2017. Check out the new sneak peek above and get ready for what looks to be an explosive episode.