Planned Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Might Not Feature Charlie Hunnam’s Jax After All


News that FX and series showrunner Kurt Sutter were cooking up a Mayan-centric Sons of Anarchy spinoff first surfaced late last year, at a time when Charlie Hunnam’s Jax Teller was all but locked to appear.

But as the offshoot has progressed in development, it would appear that Hunnam’s role is no longer a sure thing. Word comes by way of the International Business Times, revealing that Sutter’s planned spinoff is angled as a prequel series that will purportedly take place long before Jax Teller prowled the streets in his own biker gang.

Instead, the showrunner’s new series – a “dark and beautiful” project that “just got one step closer” – places the Mayans MC front and center, exploring their longstanding feud with SAMCRO. Led by Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera), those unfamiliar with the original series should know that the Mayans became a fixture of Sons of Anarchy, as the two gangs sparked a power struggle over the San Joaquin Valley.

But Sutter will be changing gears for the spinoff, gunning for a unique “tone, pace and storytelling” that is primed to focus on the biker gang culture through a Latino lens. Such a setup would make it nigh on impossible to integrate a Jax Teller cameo organically, though until either Kurt Sutter or FX officially rule out the possibility, ardent fans of the series will retain a flicker of hope that Charlie Hunnam will don that iconic leather jacket once again.

Tell us, what do you make of Hunnam’s chances of appearing in the planned Sons of Anarchy spinoff?