My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Season 2-02 ‘The Return Of Harmony Part 2’ Recap

Last week on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, we left the girls in total peril. Discord has twisted everyone but Twilight into their polar opposites. Applejack is a shady little liar, Rarity is a selfish, hoarding freak, Fluttershy is a cruel monster, Pinkie Pie hates the sound of laughter, and Rainbow Dash has completely abandoned everyone.

Discord’s labyrinth has been utterly obliterated, and Twilight asks him how they’re supposed to find the elements now. She soon finds out just how tricky Discord is. He never said the elements were even in the labyrinth. It was all a ruse to keep the girls away from Ponyville, where the elements are really hidden.

Twilight struggles to return to Ponyville. Discord has turned the roads to soap and switches between day and night as he pleases, and the fighting between the girls has come to a head. Rarity has named her giant “diamond” Tom, and refuses to let anyone near it, and Fluttershy hurls abuse at everyone in sight. Eventually, the four of them turn completely gray.

When they finally make it to the library, Twilight miraculously finds the elements in the book she first looked them up in. She forces the girls to suit up and shut up, and even declares Spike “the new Rainbow Dash” when she fails to appear. Unsurprisingly, they are unable to defeat Discord, and Twilight completely loses hope, turning as gray as the rest of them. Victorious, Discord declares Ponyville his kingdom of Chaos.

Dejected, Twilight tries to tell Spike they are leaving Ponyville for good, but he’s busy burping up every single letter Twilight wrote Celestia the previous year. As she rereads her stories of true friendship, she regains her color, and her faith that she can take Discord down.

First, she apprehends Applejack and uses a memory spell to remind her of all the adventures they’ve had until she reverts to her previous self. She does the same to Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rarity, who, embarrassed of Tom, makes them vow to “never speak of this again.”

The five find a monochromatic Rainbow Dash lazing around on a cloud, but when they ask for her help, she refuses. Loyalty, schmoyalty. They decide to sneak up on her in Pinkie’s hot air balloon, and put Fluttershy in charge of lassoing her in. The timid pony is unable to fly faster than Rainbow, until she remembers Discord will rule over Equestria forever. She flies faster than ever, and Rainbow Dash is finally captured and restored.

With everyone back in action, Discord encounters them once again. Too arrogant to believe a bunch of ponies could ever really defeat him, he makes himself an open target after polishing off a glass of chocolate milk-rain. The six combine the elements of harmony once again, and Discord is wiped out with a giant rainbow, turning him back into stone.

With Equestria back to normal, Celestia honors the ponies with a grand ceremony and a new stained glass window depicting their adventures is unveiled. Word has it the original ending was a shot for shot remake of the ending of the first Star Wars movie, but unfortunately it had to be cut.

What did you think of the episode?