A Popular Teen Drama Is Beating Rick And Morty On US HBO Max Right Now

Rick and Morty Gossip Girl

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s popular sci-fi satire cartoon Rick and Morty may be one of HBO Max’s greatest attractions, but it’s facing some tough competition from a new challenger. The reboot of the classic teen drama Gossip Girl has overtaken Rick and Morty on HBO’s U.S. charts.

FlixPatrol reports that Gossip Girl surpassed the adult sci-fi cartoon, now third, as the second highest rated show on the platform this week. The 90’s sitcom Friends maintains its number one spot.

HBO Max Rick and Morty

HBO Max hosts Rick and Morty’s first four seasons. While the show’s fifth season is not available on the platform yet, the show’s backlog skyrocketed back onto HBO Max’s Top 10 TV list during the June lead up to its current season, according to FlixPatrol.

A reboot of the original series that aired from 2007 to 2012, Gossip Girl was the top show on HBO from its Thursday premiere to Wednesday. FlixPatrol reports Genera+ion holds the #1 U.S. spot for this morning. Rick and Morty continues to top global charts, however. Friends is second in all markets while Gossip Girl ranks third on HBO Max around the world.

Gossip Girl debuted last week at number five on FlixPatrol’s charts, falling close behind Rick and Morty in fourth place and Hacks in third place. Mare of Easttown held the second highest spot while Friends remained at the top. HBO does not release view counts for their streaming service.

FlixPatrol launched in April 2019. The site filters publicly available data on streaming services’ trending series and regional popularity, then synthesizes data into an in-house algorithm to rank popular services’ best-performing TVs and movies, Fast Company reports.

While Rick and Morty may be falling behind to Gossip Girl, the adult cartoon series may take the lead in U.S. markets should season five launch on HBO Max.