Pretty Little Liars Review: “Miss Me X 100” (Season 5, Episode 5)


Alison’s first day back at school went just about as you can imagine. There were plenty of gawking faces lining the hallway and girls were once again throwing themselves at her feet, hoping to align their social status with her’s. And, the Liars were painfully aware of the anti-Ali missives hiding in the shadows. For the first time in the show’s run, Ali came across as genuinely nervous about the situation, as opposed to the mask of security that usually graces her face. She managed to pull it together though and put on a brave show immediately after return to her conniving self, evidenced by her run-in with Mona (Janel Parrish).

The way that Mona was so easily able to turn the masses against Ali was brilliant. She took one for the team and capitalized on it. The best form of propaganda is the kind with the most truth in it, and that camera phone video of Ali letting Mona have it was pretty damning. If folks at school were looking for another reason to join Mona’s bandwagon, they have it now. But something tells me her little after school club isn’t where her agenda ends. If anything, it’s more of a distraction.

In the past, any time a meeting went down, viewers would be excluded from seeing all the participants. Pretty Little Liars has moved past that form of deception, at least in part, and I’m not sure if knowing who is out to get the Liars is more or less comforting than the protagonist being an anonymous hooded figure. The new girl, Sydney (Chloe Bridges), had the potential to be the sole character on the show not involved in any Ali-related nonsense, but that dream was shattered in short order. Mona meeting with Jenna and Sydney together confirms that she is just another pinch hitter for Team Mona.

The ending to “Miss Me X 100” pretty much put every other episode of Pretty Little Liars thus far to shame. What better way to end this monumental episode than by blowing up a house, and on top of that, having it be only a stone’s throw away from where all the main characters are seated, comfortably enjoying the news that the occupant of what was formerly assumed to be Alison’s grave was a random Radley patient with no connection to the Liars.

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