Pretty Little Liars Review: “Love ShAck, Baby” (Season 4, Episode 15)


All eyes were on Hannah (Ashley Benson) on tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars as she tried to take the mature approach to dealing with her recent (and tragic) break up with Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) – and not just those of her concerned friends.

From the moment Ezra (Ian Harding) laid eyes on Ali’s diary, tunnel vision set in. He practically hung on the Liars every move, and not in an attractive, doting boyfriend kind of way either. Between his raid of Hannah’s bedroom (can you say invasion of privacy?) and the diary later turning up missing from the cabin that supposedly only he and Aria (Lucy Hale) knew about, the evidence is not stacking up in his favor.

Even though it’s hard to ignore that the creepy facts are starting to add up beyond explanation, I’m still sticking by my theory that Ezra is not ‘A.’ Pretty Little Liars is doing way too good of a job making it look that way, which the most obvious reason why it can’t be so.

Just to put that claim into context, let’s take a moment to revisit characters who have ended up on the Pretty Little Liars‘ suspect list in the past: Jenna, Melissa, Garrett, Ian, Wren, Lucas,  Noel, Toby, Wilden, Cece. That’s hardly constitutes a short list, and it’s not even an all-inclusive one. All of the aforementioned characters had stints where they were being portrayed as mysterious, secretive, and dangerous at some point in the series. That doesn’t mean that each of them weren’t hiding a dark secret or two (possibly several), but at least most of them have been crossed off the suspect list – and even some in the permanent sense of the word.

I will admit that it seems almost too coincidental that Ezra is just now introducing Aria to this seemingly perfect, conveniently out of the way cabin. They began their relationship when he was working at the high school the first time around, so the risks that come with a student-teacher interlude aren’t exactly anything new to either one of them. In spite of the potential of getting caught, he’s never felt compelled to mention this little love den before. It seems like in the face of prying eyes, this would have been the first place that he would have thought of.

There’s also the potential lair hidden under the floor boards that someone might find a tad on the suspicious side. Whoever it was that opened the trap door last week was definitely wearing Converses, and I assure you Mr. Fitz has a pair in his closet (which unfortunately doesn’t help with my theory), but who on this show doesn’t own some? I think even Hannah, queen of heels, has donned a pair at some point or another. All of which leaves us back where we started, with ‘A’ potentially being anyone.

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