Pretty Little Liars Review: “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” (Season 4, Episode 12)


Things were so much simpler on Pretty Little Liars when Mona (Janel Parrish) was the only one lurking in the shadows armed with an over-active imagination and a grudge.

Since then the ‘A’ evolution has been a veritable game of cat and mouse between the Liars and whoever happened to be starring as the suspected perpetrator of evil that week.  The Liars have pretty much exhausted their options of possible enemies at this point, so it’s pretty convenient that the mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars spilled the beans on who may be pulling the strings.

The only real surprise in this episode was the ending, so let’s start there. Ezra (Ian Harding) is ‘A?’ Maybe, but I don’t buy it. One thing that Pretty Little Liars does very well is making someone look guilty when it’s convenient in order to push the story forward. There was a time not so long ago when we thought Toby (Keegan Allen) had switched sides and joined the dark forces. That lasted how long before the reality of the situation came to light? That’s right, not long. And, when we found out in season 2 that Mona was the one that was behind tormenting the Liars, we didn’t get a preview ahead of time.

We might not have had the foresight to expect Ezra would turn out to be ‘A,’ but there’s not really any conclusive evidence that he is – at least not yet. I’m not saying that it didn’t look really bad for Mr. Fitz being spotted inside the lair – it certainly did. Yet, what if it was more for shock value than anything else? Isn’t it just as plausible that he was worried about Aria (Lucy Hale) and following her, or even stalking her, given his current grief, and was outraged when he stepped inside of the lair and realized she had kept this new threat from him? Pinning Ezra as ‘A’ at the very least gives the network a compelling marketing campaign leading up to the Halloween episode.

If Ezra wasn’t ‘A’ and came upon that scene, wouldn’t you expect him to be upset? That place looks insane! If you thought Mona’s lair was something to talk about, this apartment turned ‘A’ headquarters is a shrine. Those pictures of Aly aren’t your run of the mill quick pic. It looked like a gallery, and Alison (Sasha Peiterse) was the muse. If the Liars had a reason to be scared of Mona before, Ezra, or whoever is running the show now, is someone to be terrified of.

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