Pretty Little Liars Review: “She’s Come Undone” (Season 4, Episode 21)


Valentine’s Day is officially over and Pretty Little Liars is pouring on the heartbreak. Not only is Aria (Lucy Hale) suffering from the abrupt end of her relationship, but she’s consumed with all the ‘what ifs’ that go along with the betrayal. Ezra (Ian Harding) may have tucked and ran to New York after their ultra-emotional ski lift confrontation to avoid watching the fall out of his decisions, but Aria is free falling toward rock bottom and it looks like she’s got plenty of time before she hits the ground – lucky her.

Frantic to solve the mystery that is her former love life, Aria visits Ezra’s apartment. Bad move. What she uncovers not only verifies the miserable news she recently received, but proves to be too much for her to handle. One breakdown later and Aria makes quick work of the contents (yes, all of them), leaving us to contemplate how thick the walls in that apartment must be since none of the other tenants called the police after hearing Aria’s little therapy session.

To play devil’s advocate, Ezra had to suspect that Aria might come looking for him, and that her search might just result in her entering his apartment, ergo taking an extensive peak around. In her emotional state, he can’t really blame her. There is a distinct possibility that he left all that stuff there for her to find. It wasn’t exactly hidden in any stealthy sense of the word. Possibly a sign of remorse, but possibly not.

The fact that Ezra still plans to move forward with his publication plans would point to the latter, posing an even bigger question. If Ezra knows that Ali (Sasha Pieterse) is still alive, how does he plan to end the book? Will he reveal to the world that Ali is still alive (that is, if Paige’s little stunt doesn’t make the headlines first)? Or, will he create a version of the truth that is so compelling that it reveals the theoretical killer while simultaneously jump starting his writing career? Oh Ezra, and we thought that it was women who made revenge an art. Ali broke your tender heart and look at the lengths you’ve gone to in order to piece it back together.

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