Pretty Little Liars Review: “Whirly Girly” (Season 5, Episode 2)


While Ali and Jason try to work past this latest tragedy in their own lives, Aria (Lucy Hale) is continuing to confront a truth of her own. Although calling it self defense is just a way for the Liars to excuse Aria’s actions, it doesn’t make it any easier for her to come to terms with killing someone. It’s only a matter of time before someone puts the pieces together and realizes that the Liars were in New York, and that they were somehow connected to Shana’s (Aeriel Miranda) death. This isn’t the first time they’ve been faced with a life and death situation, but it is the first time that Aria has been at the helm of it.

Aria’s delayed reaction to the events seem completely predictable for her character. Ezra (Ian Harding) being shot, her shooting Shauna to save her friends, and Mona’s sudden reemergence in her brother’s love life is a lot to take in. She is now at the point of emotionally bottoming out. If fans thought that her finding out about Ezra’s novel was difficult to watch, this tragic combination is definitely the precipice of some heartbreaking moments to come.

The overall vibe on Pretty Little Liars has taken a devastating turn now that ‘A’ isn’t hiding in the shadows. Mona has revealed herself as the anonymous texter, and since the Liars already know what she’s capable of, it may actually be more scary this time around. Along with the threat that is Mona, there’s also the question of who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis and buried her in Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) backyard. The Liars may have thought that they were leaving the drama behind them now that ‘A’ is gone, but it appears they were a little too optimistic.

Pretty Little Liars has been mostly occupied with the mystery of what happened to Ali and on ‘A’ tormenting the Liars, but the show is clearly switching things up. Ali’s secrets are going to expose the Liars to a whole new type of harassment and it’s hard to tell who will come out on top.

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