The Prison Revealed For The Walking Dead Season 3

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, two brand new images have been revealed for the upcoming third season for AMC’s hit zombie series The Walking Dead. For those who tuned into the season two finale, you’re well aware that the pseudo-cliff-hanger strongly hinted that our gang of survivors are headed to the big house, which may not be as secure as they hoped.

The West Central Prison is a prominent fixture of The Walking Dead comic book and a favourite of fans since it was revealed in Issue 13. Along with the penitentiary itself, the ominous structure also brings with it the character of The Governor (who will be portrayed by David Morrissey in the show), the main antagonist of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

The Governor (a.k.a. Brian Blake) leads a group of survivors called the Woodbury and is described as having Grimes’ survival instinct but without the humanity. If season three follows the events of the comic closely, both the prison and The Governor will drive the events of the show strongly.

Check our the two images below which show Rick, Glen, T-Dog, Maggie and Dale ready to slash their way through a hoard of walkers that patrol the abandoned prison yard.

Season three of The Walking Dead premiers on AMC this October.