Brexit Supporters Are Fuming After Doctor Who Poked Fun At Them


Brexit is turning into a problem worse than the Cybermen and Daleks combined, with the UK apparently about to plunge off an economic cliff and into unknown, chaotic waters. And given that Doctor Who has never been particularly shy about getting political over the years, it’s perhaps not surprising that they’d make a reference to it at some point.

The pretty light jab at the situation came in the New Year’s Day special “Resolution,” when the Doctor tried to contact UNIT for help against the Daleks and was told that “all UNIT operations were put on hold following financial disputes and subsequent funding withdrawal by the UK’s major international partners.”

All things considered, it’s a pretty light jab at what’s going on with Brexit, especially considering that the UK is actually having to pull out of several important intelligence, defense and scientific organizations as part of leaving the European Union. And yet, viewers were left fuming according to hardcore pro-Brexit tabloid The Express.

They quote several Twitter users ranting against the line, with one person saying: “Well done #BBC. You have additionally ruined New Years Eve with your anti-Brexit bollocks right up until midnight and what I was looking forward to today.” Another person, meanwhile, wrote: “The BBC is starting 2019 the way it finished 2018 – on an anti-Brexit yawnquest.” Other users chimed in with “Brexit disbanded UNIT #DoctorWho? Wtf is this utter trash of an episode?” and “the BBC using a once flagship programme to indoctrinate young people with its cultural marxist and anti-Brexit agenda!”

Jeez, and they call other people snowflakes…

Anyways, now that “Resolution” has aired, we won’t be seeing Jodie Whittaker in the role again until early 2020. By that point, the United Kingdom could be so impoverished that there’s a decent chance the show will be forced to return to making its monsters out of cardboard and bubble-wrap.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in how this whole situation came about, check out the upcoming Benedict Cumberbatch-starring film Brexit, which airs on January 19th on HBO and looks quite good.

Source: The Express