First Look Promo For Arrow Season 4, Episode 10: “Blood Debts”


Arrow always delivers when it comes to midseason finales, and tonight’s instalment was no exception. With a shock ending that left the life of Felicity Smoak hanging in the balance, the Green Arrow is out for revenge, and that’s quite clearly the name of the game in the promo above.

The preview offers up our first look at the second half of Arrow‘s fourth season, and short as it may be, it’s definitely an intriguing tease. The CW has yet to release the full synopsis for “Blood Debts,” so we’re not entirely sure what we’re in for just yet, but they did send out the following teaser along with the promo:

Oliver Queen seeks revenge when Arrow returns with all-new episodes, Wednesday January 20th on The CW!


I can’t help but feel that this whole thing with Felicity is going to be a massive swerve, with her surviving and another fan-favourite character biting the dust instead. After all, if she really is the one in that grave, why not make her death a definitive moment in Arrow‘s midseason finale? There’s really no reason to drag it out, right?

That’s just speculation for now, of course, and we unfortunately won’t find out more until Arrow returns next year. After tonight’s amazing episode though, it simply can’t get here soon enough.

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