New Promo And Two Clips From Next Week’s Episode Of Supergirl


With a new episode of Supergirl set to air on Monday, CBS has today released two brand new clips and a promo for the fourth instalment of the series. This one won’t feature a villain from the comic books though, as Kara will instead be squaring off with a much more human threat as National City falls victim to a series of bombings.

The clips below focus on that (along with more of the mysterious Maxwell Lord; is he friend or foe to Supergirl) and Kara’s attempts to look after Cat’s difficult son.

Here’s the official description of the episode – titled “How Does She Do It?” – courtesy of the network:

Kara’s two identities are stretched thin when Supergirl must protect National City from a series of bombings and Kara is tasked with babysitting Cat’s son, Carter. Also, James is conflicted when his ex-girlfriend Lucy Lane seeks to rekindle their relationship, on SUPERGIRL, Monday, November 16th on CBS. Levi Miller guest stars as Carter Grant, Cat’s son, and Jenna Dewan-Tatum guest stars as Lucy Lane.

Supergirl has been great so far, and it’s going to be interesting to see how this slightly more normal instalment plays out after the character’s recent clash with Superman villain Reactron.

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