First Promo For Community Season 3 Gets Hot

Don’t worry Community fans, you’re withdrawal symptoms are going to slowly fade away, starting with this first promo for Community season 3.

The new preview mostly highlights guest star John Goodman, who works his magic on Dean Pelton (Jim Rash), but we also see a few other interesting things.

While there isn’t much offered in the trailer besides the hilarious and comfortably familiar-feeling scene with Goodman and Rash, the miracle of freeze-frame technology allows us to examine what else might happen on this season of Community.

For one thing, right around 0:29, Jeff (Joel McHale) seems to be either strung-out on drugs or very tired after an anthropology all-nighter. It really could be anything, but it’s fun to speculate. The promo also ends with a shot of some elaborate dance scene, so maybe there will be a musical episode, which would be awesome.

Season two left us with an epic paintball episode and a little bit of clique-like drama. There is a shot of Pierce (Chevy Chase) at lunch with the rest of the gang though, so maybe they’re all friends again. We’ll have to wait until September 22nd, when the new episode premieres, to find out.

Getting excited for Community season 3? Check out the first promo below.