First Look Promo For The Flash Season 2, Episode 8: “Legends Of Today”


Following last night’s spectacular episode of The Flash, The CW has released a preview of the first part of this year’s crossover with Arrow. However, it’s going to be more than just a simple team-up due to the fact that the two-parter will be introducing Vandal Savage, Hawkgirl and Hawkman as it sets the stage for 2016 spinoff series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

The ramifications of this one should be huge, and it’s going to be very exciting to see how it all plays out. The promo above gives us a good idea of that, showcasing the abilities of Savage and what brings the heroes together to stop him.

Here’s the rather lengthy synopsis for the episode which will kick off this year’s crossover:

In its second major crossover event with “Arrow,” Vandal Savage (guest star Casper Crump) arrives in Central City and sets his sights on Kendra Saunders (guest star Ciara Renée). After Vandal attacks Kendra and Cisco (Carlos Valdes), they turn to Barry (Grant Gustin) for help. Realizing how dangerous Vandal is, Barry takes Kendra to Star City and asks Oliver and team to hide her until he can figure out how to stop Vandal. However, things quickly go from bad to worse when a man with wings AKA Hawkman (guest star Falk Hentschel) shows up and flies off with Kendra. Meanwhile, Harrison (Tom Cavanagh) develops a serum to make Barry run faster and asks Jay (guest star Teddy Sears) to test it out.

Whereas last year’s crossover between Arrow and The Flash felt very much like two standalone episodes which could have easily been enjoyed by watching them individually rather than back to back, it’s clear that this year’s is going to be like a two hour movie, with the focus on setting up the events of Legends of Tomorrow.