Promo For Next Week’s Episode Of The Walking Dead: “Twice As Far”

Last night’s nail-biting instalment of AMC’s The Walking Dead featured some very intense and intriguing character-based drama to go along with the usual zombie splatter.

After finding themselves in the clutches of The Saviours, Carol and Maggie encountered two women who they could quite easily have become if circumstances were different and they’d been forced to take even more extreme, ruthless measures than they have up to this point. While Maggie seems to own that and resolves to do whatever they have to to escape, it takes a larger toll on Carol who may now be losing her stomach for killing altogether.

Could she possibly be coming around to Morgan’s way of thinking that all life is precious? If so, the group will have lost one of their finest warriors  – and from the looks of next week’s promo, there’s still plenty of fighting to be done.

A lot of people think this might be building up to Carol coming to a grisly end at the hands (well, bat) of Negan when he’s introduced in the season finale, but really, at this point there are more than a few candidates for the meeting with ‘Lucille.’

The Walking Dead returns next week, with only two more episodes to go until we finally find out who’ll be leaving us in a most brutal fashion.