New Promo Reveals The Flash’s Return Date


Say what you want about the idea of Iris West temporarily becoming a speedster, but I personally felt that last night’s episode ended up being one of season 4’s better outings. Not only that, but Harry Wells seemingly turned the tide in the war against the Thinker by crafting a “thinking cap” of his own.

But no matter if you have gripes or praise of your own to voice, I think we can all lament the hiatus The Flash is about to endure. Actually, this has been something we’ve unfortunately had to get used to this season when it comes to a variety of CW series. But, on the plus side, the latest promo reveals when the next new episode is slated to air: April 10.

Yes, that’s a bit far off, but it does give those who missed the most recent batch of episodes a chance to catch up, for the network will be rerunning those over the course of the next few weeks. Or, if you’ve seen them, it’s an opportunity to once again go over them in case you missed any details.

Unfortunately, no synopsis is currently available for “Null and Annoyed,” and we don’t expect one to hit the web until late next week. Still, we can tell you that the episode will be directed by DC superfan Kevin Smith, with both him and Jason Mewes having onscreen cameos as well.

Of course, said installment gets its name from villain of the week Null, who can apparently manipulate gravity, thus creating bizarre situations for the Scarlet Speedster and his comrades. But, who knows, maybe guest stars like Gypsy and Breacher will be able to level the playing field? Time will tell.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.