First Look Promo For Supernatural Season 11, Episode 11: “Into The Mystic”


After delivering a mid-season premiere that rocked the entire series to its core, the producers of Supernatural do not seem keen to rest on their laurels. Next week’s brand new episode, which is titled “Into The Mystic,” looks to continue the new status quo along with having the Winchester boys investigate a case that sees people meet their end after listening to a mysterious song.

The shocking new status quo that I spoke of, established in last night’s episode “The Devil in the Details,” saw Castiel allow Lucifer to inhabit his vessel with the understanding that Lucifer defeat Amara, otherwise known as “The Darkness.” Time will tell if this was a wise decision on Castiel’s part (it probably was not), as we have already seen that Lucifer is willing to serve his own purposes when he brutally murdered Rowena without even giving his new meat suit time to cool off.

From what we can glean from the trailer, it is quite apparent that other angels already know that Lucifer is on the loose and not afraid to snap his fingers when the situation presents itself. Sam and Dean also seem to notice that something strange is afoot, but it will probably take a few more episode for them to put the puzzle pieces together.

Fans may also wonder how recent developments will cause allegiances to shift. Showrunner Jeremy Carver recently had this to say about the matter to Comic Book Resources:

“The question of agendas and partnerships is something that is constantly coursing through the back end of the season in that it’s very twisty and turny. We have several people here — not just Crowley, but Rowena as well — who are nothing if not political animals. As they see the winds change, their alliances will change as well. That’s part of the fun of the back half of the season.”

While that quote was released slightly before last night’s episode aired, it’s important to remember that a character’s death doesn’t necessarily mean their exit from the show. It’s very possible we haven’t seen the last of Rowena.

For more information, be sure to check out the official synopsis below:

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a case where people are suffering violent deaths after hearing a mysterious song. John Badham directed the episode written by Robbie Thompson (#1111). Original airdate 1/27/2016.

Supernatual airs Wednesday nights at 9:00 pm EST on The CW.

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