Promos For Supergirl And The Flash Midseason Premieres Finally Released


Perhaps I wasn’t alone when I was taken by surprise when the DC TV midseason finales lacked trailers for returning episodes upon their conclusion. Sure, seeing what’s to come seems like such a simple idea and we’ve come to take it for granted, but not receiving even a 20-30 second teaser can make a hiatus pretty hard to endure. Thankfully, we finally have promos for the midseason premieres of both Supergirl and The Flash to present today.

The first visual offering pertains to “Supergirl Lives,” which will be helmed by none other than Kevin Smith, who is fresh off directing a pivotal episode of The Flash. Not much is known about what occurs in this episode as of now, but what we can glean from the footage provided is that it doesn’t skimp on the science fiction elements and the network seemingly let Smith go all out (and why wouldn’t they?).

We also have to wonder what the title implies aside from being a nod to Smith’s ill-fated film, Superman Lives. Do keep in mind that the last time Supergirl was seen she was off to fight a battle in another dimension. Perhaps more time has passed in her absence than one would have assumed.

As for The Flash, it looks like Barry Allen intends to prevent a future that saw Savitar brutally murder his beloved Iris West from occurring. Having rewritten the past several times already, it’s nice to see him take up a new hobby in attempting to alter what has yet to come. Not only that, but we’ll finally see him working side by side with Kid Flash in this timeline! Needless to say, there’s never a dull moment on this show.

Supergirl returns with new episodes on Monday, January 23, with The Flash following on Tuesday, January 24. Both air on The CW.