The Punisher Showrunner Explains Where Micro Was In Season 2


The Punisher season 2 brought back most of the major players from season 1, including Dinah Madani (Amber Rose Revah), Curtis Hoyle (Jason R. Moore) and Billy Russo (Ben Barnes). However, someone who was conspicuous by their absence was Micro – real name: David Lieberman – Frank Castle’s techie friend who was an indisputable aid in his war on crime last time we saw him.

It was a shame that Ebon-Moss Bachrach’s character didn’t make a comeback, but it’s not much of a surprise, as the first season ended with David finally able to go back home and be with his family after being on the run for so long. Obviously he wouldn’t want to hang around with Frank now that’s got a wife and kids to look after, but according to showrunner Steve Lightfoot, there’s another explanation for where Micro could be during the events of season 2. asked the EP about Micro’s whereabouts and Lightfoot gave a surprising answer, saying that he thinks that the character’s marriage has failed and he’s now ready to start working with the Punisher again.

“You know my answer to it, and it’s partly because he’s still alive there and I would love to go revisit him. I sort of, and this maybe just my own dark heart, I sort of feel like he tried the marriage, and after everything he put his family through, it didn’t stick. I always feel like when we find him again, he’ll be some sort of bathroom in a pool of spilled whiskey, waiting for Frank to come pick him up and put him to work again”

Clearly, Lightfoot has thought about the fate of the character quite a bit. While his view of Micro’s situation is pretty bleak, it does make sense that pretending he was dead for a whole year and then just dropping back on his family’s doorstep would cause lingering problems. It’s interesting that Lightfoot has conceived a way for Micro to join Frank’s side again, too, as it suggests he was thinking about bringing him back for season 3.

Unfortunately, all signs are pointing to The Punisher being cancelled following this most recent run. Lightfoot has said he’s got plans for a third season, but the deaths of Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage highly suggest that Frank Castle is next on Netflix’s hit list.