The Punisher Star Thinks Marvel Has Something Else In Store For The Show

The Punisher

Marvel fans were left crushed yesterday when Netflix announced it was cancelling The Punisher and Jessica Jonesmeaning that all five Marvel TV series on the streaming service have now been given the chop. The only question that remains, is, will the House of Ideas revive the shows in different forms on other platforms?

Well, one star of The Punisher certainly seems to think there’s a good chance of that happening. Royce Johnson – who played Detective Brett Mahoney across Daredevil, Punisher and Jessica Jones – spoke to and said that he chatted with the cast and crew of the show yesterday with the general feeling being that everyone would love to return “down the line.”

“Yeah, I’ve call and two texts, saying, ‘It’s been a great journey.’ We had a nice phone call, a nice chat, saying, ‘Hopefully, we’ll meet again down the line.’ And it would be great if we could meet down the line as those same characters.”

When asked if he thinks this is possible, Johnson said that he’s confident that Marvel will come up with something and not simply “revamp” the property. In fact, he thinks there could be “something in store” already.

“It would be great. I don’t think that Marvel is the type of company that will sit down and not revamp. It’s got something in store, so I’m wishing for the best with this.”

Marvel TV chief Jeph Loeb’s recent comments seem to align with what Johnson’s saying, as he recently stated that he wouldn’t be surprised if Daredevil and co. managed to survive their cancellations in some form, though he admits it would all rely on whether the various showrunners and stars are willing to return. Certainly, the cast of DD seem committed to bringing the show back, with Vincent D’Onofrio supporting the #SaveDaredevil campaign on social media.

As for Frank Castle himself Jon Bernthal, he seems to be at peace with saying goodbye to the character and is confident that other actors will play the role after him. Given the outpouring of love for his portrayal over the past day or so, though, we’re not sure that anyone else will manage to beat his performance in The Punisher.