Ragman Will Return In Arrow Season 6


After having witnessed what could only be described as a highly divisive fourth season of Arrow, devoted fans of the show such as myself were thrilled to see the producers turn things around with the fifth. Sure, matters like this are highly subjective, but I’m among the ilk that thought season 5 was among the series’ finest.

Among the many things that allowed the show to recapture its original magic was that despite it now existing in a universe populated by metahumans and mysticism, it got back to being a saga focused on urban vigilantes who (mostly) didn’t have any powers.

One of the exceptions to the rule was that of Joe Dinicol’s Rory Regan AKA Ragman. Powered by a suit comprised of rags rooted in the supernatural, he was one of the first additions to Team Arrow 2.0. And while he did likely accrue a fan base of his own, I couldn’t help but think his presence was contradictory to season 5’s mission statement. Thus, I actually didn’t mind his midseason exit. Still, his involvement is a testament to the Arrowverse’s ability to introduce characters in the live action realm that we never thought we’d see.

With that, Ragman, like Deathstroke, can count himself among the lot that’ll be returning in season 6. As of now, it’s unknown as to whether he’ll be featured in more than one episode as Slade Wilson will be, but executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed when he’ll be seen next with the following Tweet:

There you have it. He’ll be back in the fifth episode. As for Arrow itself, it returns for a sixth season on Thursday, October 12 on The CW.