Video recreates Squid Games in real life with a few necessary edits to the rules

A real-life recreation (well, as much as it could be) of the hit show Squid Game has over 3 million views and counting just an hour or so after it was released on Nov. 24.

Popular Youtube personality Mr. Beast put together the video, which features 456 contestants vying for a $456k prize for being the last contestant standing in the game.

“I’ve recreated every single set from Squid Game in real life,” Jimmy “Mr. Beast” Donaldson says at the beginning of the video.

The “$456,000 Squid Game in Real Life!” contestants are dressed in Squid Game tracksuits and play Red Light, Green Light first, just like in the show. They all wear exploding packs that simulate gunshots on them, so when they mess up in the game they’re eliminated with an actual bang.

Donaldson also built the bunk bed area where guards hand out sugar cookies that need to be expertly extricated as the second game. Other sets make an appearance as well, like the tug-o-war scene and friends having to team up against each other playing marbles.

But, thankfully, the video does make a few notable tweaks to the original. Instead of falling to their deaths, contestants fall into foam pits. Instead of a fight to the death at the end, the contestants play a high-stakes game of musical chairs.

Donaldson, now 23, has been making YouTube videos since he was 13. He rose to prominence with his “I Counted To 100,000” video, which is almost 24 hours long. Taking inspiration from Netflix’s most popular show ever is a smart move and this take on Squid Games has 3 million views and counting.

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