Reddit Goes Wild After Game Of Thrones Fan Rewrites Season 8

Game of Thrones Dany

The last couple of weeks have been a little rough for Game of Thrones fans. Just a few days ago, the series finale for HBO’s fantasy drama hit the airwaves (and the network’s own streaming services), and the somewhat lackluster conclusion left a few longtime viewers disappointed. Granted, this is not entirely unexpected for a show that featured a few dozen key characters and plotlines, but the internet had plenty of complaints nonetheless.

And there’s still the matter of the ever-growing petition to remake season 8. Last week, one disgruntled fan took to to air his grievances and kicked off a campaign to have HBO remake the latest batch of episodes with a brand new team of writers. Dylan D., the vocal Game of Thrones devotee who started the petition argues that showrunners and creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have “proven themselves to be woefully incompetent,” especially when they were left to write their own material. Fans will, of course, know that ever since the show’s midpoint, the writing staff ran out of A Song of Fire and Ice novels from which they could draw inspiration, and instead, were forced to use original plotlines and concepts drawn up by George R. R. Martin.

The show’s passionate fanbase is certainly not content with how the story turned out, and it seems one writer took it upon themselves to fix things. As reported by Cosmic Book News, a Redditor recently shared that a close friend wrote their own treatment for season 8 of Game of Thrones. User “AstroTrains” was so impressed by their buddy’s work,  they took it upon themselves to spread the word, going so far as to take out ads on the site.

“My friend wrote scripts for an entire alternate GoT Season 8, and they’re so f***ing great I’m buying reddit ads to help get the word out,” AstroTrains explained.

The friend in question, Alice Shipp, has also shared some insight behind the creative process on her website.

“As a writing exercise, I have also written scripts for a complete, independently-envisioned Season 8 for HBO’s Game of Thrones. I started this project shortly after Season 7 wrapped, out of love and enthusiasm for the show,” Shipp wrote on her personal site. “The tenth episode is currently in-progress, out of eleven total. The scripts have a modest but enthusiastic following on r/shipwisescripts and Archive of Our Own.”

Considering how annoyed some longtime viewers were with the show’s ending, it’s no wonder Game of Thrones fans have praised these fan-created scripts. And you can bet that a few of us here at We Got This Covered will definitely be checking out what Alice has dreamed up.