Relive All 99 Episodes Of The Walking Dead With Epic Recap Video


When The Walking Dead returns for its season 8 premiere in October, it’ll also be celebrating its 100th episode. Over the past seven seasons, the show and its ever-growing cast of characters have changed a heck of a lot as the plot has developed in unexpected ways, not to mention that our heroes have had to face the perils of surviving a post-apocalyptic world where the people might be just as unfriendly as the zombies.

With such a massive milestone right around the corner, it might seem like the perfect opportunity to celebrate the history of the hit series, but sadly, many of us don’t have the time to go back and watch all 99 episodes of The Walking Dead that have been released up to this point. Thankfully, then, YouTube user Duda Walker is on hand to help out, as they’ve boiled down every episode of the show so far into a bite-sized 5 minute recap video, which you can check out below.

Beginning with Rick waking up in hospital to find himself in a zombie apocalypse, the video features a short scene from each and every episode of The Walking Dead to date. The choices are quite smart, too, as together, they form a concise retelling of the major arcs of the show. We get the rivalry between Rick and his former best friend Shane, culminating in the latter’s death. The initial clash with the Governor and his later return. And, bringing things up to date, the current conflict with Negan and the Saviors. Oh, and there’s also a whole lot of blood, guts and heart-wrenching deaths, too.

Glenn fans, in particular, will love the video, as it wraps up with a touching ode to the much-missed character, highlighting the importance of his friendship with Rick and his romance with Maggie. Another nice touch is the interval in the middle of the recap which features a great snippet of a message Andrew Lincoln gave to fans at Comic-Con. Like he says, for the millions of viewers out there, The Walking Dead is “a much bigger thing” than just another TV show – a sentiment we fully agree with.