Relive Breaking Bad With The Heisenberg Legacy


Still mourning over the fact that Breaking Bad is gone forever and will never again grace our television screens? Don’t worry, we’re right there with you as we miss it just as much as everyone else does. To help you cope with the loss, we’ve put together as much coverage on the show as we could, but if you’re looking for something a bit more visual, we have just the thing.

The good folks at JoBlo have taken it upon themselves to put together a great tribute video titled The Heisenberg Legacy. It’s not exactly a straight forward recap of the show, rather, it’s a montage of some of the highlights that we witnessed throughout Breaking Bad‘s five excellent seasons, giving us a taste of the show’s humor as well as its more dramatic moments.

At about seven minutes in length, there’s a good amount of footage here and it really captures the spirit of Vince Gilligan’s creation and reminds us of what made it so memorable and why we tuned in every week with eager anticipation.

Check out the tribute video below and then head to the comments to let us know how you’re dealing with the fact that we had to say goodbye to Breaking Bad last week.